Our real heroes (47) Rajendra Lahiri

Rajendra Lahiri ( also known as Rajendra nath Lahidi) was born on 23 July, 1901 at Mohanpur ( now in Bangladesh ). He was an active revolutionaries and participated in the Dakshineswr Bomb Case. When he was a post graduate student, was involved in many revolutionary activities in Uttar Pradesh. Later he joined Hindustan Republican Association and came in contact with Chandra Sekhar Azad, Ram Prasad Bismil and Asfaqulla Khan. In 1925, he participated on famous Kakori train robbery. He was arrested for Dakhineswar Case and later found guilty for Kakori Conspiracy. He was hanged on 17 December, 1927 in Gonda District jail. I salute this martyr.


About shibham

I am a college professor from Assam(India) and wish to create a series of our unknown or seldom remembered heroes of Indian freedom Movement. I am helped by books and some websites, so i am thankful to all sources. If someone has complain, then please inform me, so that i can find out my faults. If any data is wrongly added, then please contact me and if someone has enough to add, then please proceed. Jai Hind

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