Our real heroes (42, 43, 44 and 45) Mallappa Dhanshetty, Laxminarayan Sarada, Abdul Rasool Qurban Hussain and Jagannath Bhagawan Shindhe

Statues of these four martyrs at SolapurMallppa Dhanshetty, Srikisan Laxminarayan Sarada, Abdul Rasool Qurban Hussain and Jagannath Bhagawan Shindhe were born in between 1890 to 1899 at Sholapur ( Maharastra). They were prominent revolutionaries regarding Indian freedom movement. When Mahatma Gandhi was a protesting rally was conducted by them on 8 May, 1930 where several innocent people were shot dead by British government. As a result, a clash occurred between police and demonstrators where a police was killed. Later British government had imposed a Shoot at sight order under martial law where all of four were arrested, The court declared sentenced to death and all of them were hanged at Yervada jail, Poona on 12 January, 1931. I salute these martyrs.


About shibham

I am a college professor from Assam(India) and wish to create a series of our unknown or seldom remembered heroes of Indian freedom Movement. I am helped by books and some websites, so i am thankful to all sources. If someone has complain, then please inform me, so that i can find out my faults. If any data is wrongly added, then please contact me and if someone has enough to add, then please proceed. Jai Hind

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