Our real heroes (5) Anant laxman Kanhere.

Anant laxman Kanhere was born at Nashik on 1891. In his educational carrier at Aurangabad, he became a member of a secret revolutionary group where as Maharastra was very much charged with anti-British feelings and activities. At that time Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, Baburao Savarkar, Krishnaji Gopal Karve and Vinayak Narayan Deshpande formed revolutionary groups.

A British officer named by Jackson was investigating those activities being friendly to Indians. Jackson was instrumental in getting Babarao Savarkar arrested and prosecuted. Later all revolutionaries decided to eliminate Jackson. Anant took the responsibility to kill Jackson and decided to commit suicide so that he could not be captured and save his partners. If Anant failed, Vinayak and Karve both were ready to kill him. On 21 December, 1909, Jackson was shot dead by Anant but he was not able to kill himself as some persons caught him. at that time Anant was 18 years old when he was hanged with Karve and Deshpande on 19 April, 1910. Unfortunately their dead bodies were burnt by officers instead of handed over to relatives even their “ashthi” was also thrown in the sea near Thane. “In the people’s court, punishment for those, who treat Hindu people as worthless is death and I did the auspicious job of giving such a punishment to Jackson. I want to tell the people that they should give the most severe punishment to such offenders in their court.” – Martyr Anant Lakshman Kanhere. I salute this martyr.


About shibham

I am a college professor from Assam(India) and wish to create a series of our unknown or seldom remembered heroes of Indian freedom Movement. I am helped by books and some websites, so i am thankful to all sources. If someone has complain, then please inform me, so that i can find out my faults. If any data is wrongly added, then please contact me and if someone has enough to add, then please proceed. Jai Hind

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